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Christmas Newsletter

It's been an incredibly busy and successful year at the school in Gnana Deepam with a number of major achievements to celebrate... read more about this and our work in Nepal.

Summer Newsletter

Welcxome to our summer newsletter. Suxh alot has happened since the last newsletter. Diana Butcher has visited Gnana Deepham School, an extension to the boys hostel is well underway and there are now over 117 children who are supported by our charity in some way through our sponsorship schemes.

Christmas Newsletter

This newsletter includes details of our fundraising this year, a fire in the slum in Nepal and how we are helping children in India and Nepal.

Summer Newsletter

This newsletter includes details of Diana Butchers visit both of Child Link's projects to spend time with key staff and volunteers. First stop was Nepal to meet with Pastor Daniel who runs the slum school in Kathmandu before heading south to catch up with Steve Deveraj Headmaster of the Indian school in the Kalrayan Hills.

Funding report from Gnana Deepam Matriculation School

June 2016

Child link have been supporting our work here for a number of years. This has been a huge blessing to the work here and enabled us to help a large number of children.

The new infrastructure has allowed us to improve facilities for day and boarding school children, and for us to begin to provide higher secondary education here (A level equivalent).

It has allowed us to meet new government requirements for schools, so that we can maintain our status as a recognized matriculation school, thus giving our students a nationally recognized qualification when they leave which allows them to go onto English-Medium higher education. Our scholarship program currently helps a total of 161 students.

Without the money raised towards this each year we would not be able to offer this much-needed assistance to students, and many would have dropped out of school.

The following is a basic breakdown of how Child-Link money has been spent:

  • Child Link Classroom block (5 new classrooms)
  • Dining hall for school hostel
  • Purchase of land for school
  • New toilet block
  • Compound wall and old toilet refurbishment
  • Educational scholarships for over 100 children over the past 2 years
  • Three A level science laboratories

Summer Newsletter

This newsletter includes details of our sponsored walk to help fund the new Science Lab at Gnana Deepam and news of a beautiful wedding there between Thomas and Anita.